Manville News, December 12, 1941


Ok, that last post was kind of thin for following up a few month hiatus. So I decided to digitize another issue of the Old Manville News. This one is from the week of December 12th, 1941. There are a number of great articles in here including a debate to put in the underpass on Main Street (you know the one the trucks alway crash into). Previously it had just been a regular crossing just like the one over on 13th, which started to cause a major traffic jam every time a train came through, which if you think about it… back then, right next to a major factory, would have been a LOT. Back in the early days of this blog I did a big huge post about it… you can see it HERE

Here is a link to the digital issue Manville News 12-12-41 OCR

In the meantime I’ll remind you that the text in these issues are mostly searchable if you are looking for names or specific information. You can download them, and I recently realized that on most phones you can actually view the pages right on your phone. I’m working on a system to make these actual posts searchable as well… it’s proving to be a challenge. In the meantime enjoy.

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Manville News, December 5th, 1941

banner-12-5-1941Hey everyone. Since I’m on fire with the posts lately I figured I would scan another issue of the old Manville News. I know a lot of you just want to see photos, but these newspaper issues are literally not available anywhere else and are a valuable resource. Also, it’s been a long, long time since I posted one. This one is from December 5th, 1941. You can download this issue by clicking the following link… Manville News 12-05-41 OCR

If you are new to this blog… a while back I aquired some 1941-1943 issues of this old local weekly paper and have already scanned and posted like 26 issues. You can get the older issues under the “Newspaper Archive” category on the right side of the blog or by clicking HERE. You can download each issue and they are scanned with text recognition so you can search the PDFs for names and the like. They have some great old advertising too! Anyway. There are more photos coming soon I promise!

Manville News, November 28th, 1941

Whelp, it’s been a while since I posted up a new digital issue of the Old Manville News, so here you go. November 28th, 1941. I still feel slightly unaccomplished at not finishing out the whole year of 1941 yet, but this stuff is a lot of work. Anyway we have a few car accidents here, the continued labor negotiations with the Johns Manville plant, and the confirmation of Manville’s great sewage facilities. I hope you enjoy this issue… we are almost up to 1942! Here is a link. Manville News 11-28-1941 OCR

Manville News, November 7, 1941

Alright, well I managed to get a second issue scanned today. Thanks goodness for slow work days! This issue is for November 7th, 1941. There’s a lot more local content in the issue than the last. Only 6 more issues until we finish out 1941… and while that feels like an epic milestone, there are still a lot of these issues left. This is a good one though. Heres a download LINK!

Manville News, October 31, 1941

Alright, let us take a break from the movies for a minute to squeeze in an archived issue of the old Manville News. This issue is October 31st, 1941. The cover stories include the opening of the Manville Municipal Building, which is pretty cool. The is a lot of political info in this issue, and again these are now scanned with text recognition software, so they are searchable. Here is a download LINK.

Manville News, October 17, 1941

Good morning everyone. Here is another digitized old Manville News. This one is October 17, 1941. I knocked the scanning for this one out on Friday, but just got around to putting the files together this morning, so it’s possible I will have another issue up here by the end of today. I’m so close to the end of 1941, that I’ll be trying to knock out the remaining few in short order. If you missed the last couple of posts, these are all now being set up with text recognition. After you download this the file will be searchable. Here’s a link. Manville News 10-17-1941 OCR Enjoy.

Manville News October 10, 1941

Ok, here is the digital version of the October 10th, 1941 issue of the old Manville News. I usually put up the headlines in a preview so you can get an idea of the lead stories, and you can see by the one above this issue is in pretty rough shape. I think it was one of the top issues in the box when these were discovered. For the most part though it’s totally readable, and it seems like the text recognition still worked. Anyway, I guess it’s better to have a crappy version than none at all so, here you go. Here’s a download link. Manville News 10-10-1941 OCR

Manville News, October 3, 1941

Just knocked out 2 more issues of the old “Manville News” I’ll put them in two separate posts. This one is from October 3rd, 1941. In cast you missed my post yesterday about this issues, the files are now using text recognition so you can search them after you download them. Hope this makes these easier to use. Here is the link. Manville News 10-3-1941 OCR