Mystery Manville Man…

8a01212aOk Manville, I’ve got another mystery photo for you… I found this photo of a Manville guy which was untitled and dated 1939. In the reflection of the window you can see a building with a Manville sign, and what appears to be railroad tracks. Still I could not confidently decide where this was taken… What a cool looking dude. Anyone know him?

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Manville News, December 5th, 1941

banner-12-5-1941Hey everyone. Since I’m on fire with the posts lately I figured I would scan another issue of the old Manville News. I know a lot of you just want to see photos, but these newspaper issues are literally not available anywhere else and are a valuable resource. Also, it’s been a long, long time since I posted one. This one is from December 5th, 1941. You can download this issue by clicking the following link… Manville News 12-05-41 OCR

If you are new to this blog… a while back I aquired some 1941-1943 issues of this old local weekly paper and have already scanned and posted like 26 issues. You can get the older issues under the “Newspaper Archive” category on the right side of the blog or by clicking HERE. You can download each issue and they are scanned with text recognition so you can search the PDFs for names and the like. They have some great old advertising too! Anyway. There are more photos coming soon I promise!

Manville Paving… Part 2

1st download 4504OK guys. So I have a bunch of more paving photos. This is sort of a companion post to the previous one. These seem to be geographically located all over the place. I know these huge photo streams are a lot to take in, but these all go together so I figured I’d just throw them out there. Any help I.D. ing the men would be appreciated. The photos will expand if you click them… This one below is the corner of Washington Ave. & South 8th!

1st download 4456

In this group you can see the water tower in the back. It’s funny how revealing that thing is for history. The fact that you can read the beginning of “Manville” tells us this is on the North side close to the tracks above North 11th or so. Maybe Brooks Blvd? What an awesome machine!
1st download 3886

1st download 3885

1st download 3884

1st download 4455

1st download 4454

This next photo is interesting. I’m wondering if that building back and to the left could be the old Manville Polish Home building that was formerly on North 4th. Manville will surely recognize the name Kupper from the Airport. I wonder what the relationship was here.1st download 4457

1st download 4459

1st download 4511

Camplain Rd. Paving / Sewers

1st download 4095

Well the collective Manville opinion (from folks of which I highly believe and respect) is that the following photos were taken on Camplain Rd. around the area which is currently South 11th or so, and that the man pictured above in the suit is Mike Kachorsky. The construction co. handling the job was called Renda. With a little help from the magic of google maps “street view” I seemed to have been able to confirm the location.

As some you have pointed out that house on the corner of Camplain Rd. & 13th is in fact still there. These photos were sent to me from the collection of Anne Sullivan. The location mystery was solved entirely by the readers. I an forever grateful for all of the contributors on this blog for teaching me… you guys basically made this post. The community aspect of this site is what keeps it going. Thank you.

1st download 4096

As you may recall if you are a follower of this blog I previously posted some photos of Washington Ave where the roads were all dirt. If you missed that you can see them here. These photos are from the same collection / time period (1939-1941). It would stand to reason that they would pave the roads and install the sewer system at the same time, so I think we can safely assume this was all being done at once, and within the aforementioned time frame.

Here are a bunch of photos of the workers. I can’t identify any of them, but surely some of them were local guys. Like always if you can identify them, please leave a comment so I can get it straight in the description. OK here goes… all of the photos will expand if you click on them!

1st download 4098

1st download 4100

1st download 4099

1st download 4072

1st download 4074

1st download 4073

1st download 4103

1st download 4102

1st download 4097This following photo was really the dead ringer for the location. That house on the left currently still exists on the corner of 13th and Camplain Rd. Of course in this photo… 13th had not been constructed yet!

1st download 4075Whew! that was a super long post. That last photo looks like the other end looking up the hill. The creation of roads in Manville is probably a thing everyone takes for granted nowadays, but I bet it was no fun trying to get your auto unstuck from the Jersey mud. Thanks to Anne for this great documentation of Manville’s history. Thank you for looking!

1st download 4101

Manville Memorial Day Parades

0005Well it’s Friday, and that means we should run with a celebratory post. And lets face it, what is more fun than a Parade? I’ll tell you what… 2 Parades! This is going to be a long photo heavy post, so just know that every photo will expand if you click on them. Enjoy!

It’s been an amazing 2 months of photo submissions and I want to thank Rich Hamernik for sending in this first batch of great photos from an early 50′s Manville Memorial Day parade.

Rich grew up across the street from Memorial Park where this flag raising ceremony took place.






The parade marched from Memorial Park down Camplain Rd. and out to Main St. Unfortunately I cannot identify anyone in these so if you can add anything please do.



This next bunch is from Anne Sullivans Manville photo collection. I believe this is a Memorial Day parade as well, but these are a lot earlier. Around 1939-1940

I think you will all recognize that these are mostly on Main St, which is just barely paved at this point. You can see the old Movie theater off in the background. Thanks again Anne. These are amazing.

1st download 4513

1st download 4514

1st download 4515

1st download 4516

1st download 4517

1st download 4519

1st download 4521

1st download 4522

1st download 4523

1st download 4524Whew! That one was long! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


1960 Weston-Manville Station Train Schedule


Weston-Manville Train Station • Click to enlarge

I always talk about the many Manville Train Stations. Awhile back I did a post about specifically about the Weston-Manville stop, which was the main passenger line serving Manville between Trenton and NYC. I recently lucked into an actual 1960 train schedule from the station. I am a bit of a railfan, so I hope this doesn’t bore the pants off of everyone else that comes to this site. Let’s face it though, if you are from Manville trains are a way of life. It’s the very thing that made the town so accesable to so many people in the beginning. Also, I had this gorgeous photo of a Reading Railroad passenger train passing through Manville…

1st download 4143

Mainly I guess it felt like finding this schedule was a personal victory, and another crucial entry into my personal Manville ephemera archive. When you went over to the Manville station the first thing you had to do was go see this guy… Michael Persinko.

100_3302He could definitely hook you up with one of these…

cover chartIf it was 1960 and you were headed from Manville to NYC your schedule would’ve looked like this… (It will expand if you click it)

chartAnd if you were interested in the reverse schedule, or just owning a digital copy of this I actually scanned the whole thing.

front chart

ScanEven though I do enjoy the many freights still pulling through town, I think it’s still a disaster that there is no passenger lines servicing Manville. In a town full of tracks, it seems like a no brainer. Hopefully one day. But for now, here is a photo of some lonely train tracks to hold you over…

1st download 4209Have a good day y’all.

Washington & South 11th Ave. 1940

11th-panoramSouth 11th Ave. circa. 1940 • Click Photo to Enlarge

I had a few photos that seemed to be a complete documentation of the dead end block of South 11th Ave (right across from the Manville Library). So I decided to throw them in photoshop and stitch them together. This photo will expand twice if you click on it, and I would recommend doing so for full appreciation. If I had to take a guess here I’d say there was no such thing as 12th yet, and we would probably be standing on 13th to get this view. I mostly Identified this by the recently removed water tower and that really cool building on the corner of South 11th and Washington. The building still exists and has always been one of my favorite Manville buildings. It’s the one that currently looks like this…

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 9.23.48 PMAt the time that top photo was taken (1940), Washington Ave. was still a muddy mess of a road still waiting to get itself paved. And by 1941 I believe it actually was. I’m sure right now you are probably thinking “man, it would be really great to have been able to see what that looked like back then” The thing is, you’re in luck because I happen to have this great photo that was sent in by Anne Sullivan! Must have been hell to try and get around on “streets” like this back then! You can click the photo to enlarge it… twice!

1st download 4150Again, this is looking down Washington Ave, and you can see our favorite building again over there on the corner of South 11th. WIth all that said, I believe that we just covered another unseen great vantage point in old Manville. Awesome.